{Taco night} no more packaged taco seasoning for us!

We make tacos at least once a week. I decided to make my own taco seasoning instead of using pre-packaged taco seasoning. It was a hit with the entire family!! I found this delicious recipe on allrecipes.com.

I also found these little metal tin canisters at Super1 in Monroe. They have a magnetic bottom, so they are very convenient. I made up a few batches of the taco seasoning and stored them in these containers.20140319-210639.jpg

I also have started switching sour cream with Greek yogurt. No one in my family can tell the difference!

Anyway, hope y’all try it! I am enjoying eating #realfood and providing healthier options to my family…even if they don’t know it!;)


{WM Sox Baseball} it’s finally baseball season!!

My son made the WM Sox baseball team!! We are so proud of him and so excited to start the season!! We have been welcomed into the SOX family with open arms! I had the honor of taking the 8U team pics yesterday. It got me even more excited about the upcoming season!! LET’S PLAY SOME BALL YA’LL!!!! Here is a shot from yesterday’s pictures….


Marti - March 19, 2014 - 9:07 am


{Spring Sessions} By: TwoSUEZ Photography | West Monroe, La


{vintage find} canisters | by: Katie

I am loving my “new to me” vintage canisters! Heather and I took a little road trip to Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun!! We got to stop at all the little antique stores along the way. I have really come to enjoy thrift shops and antique stores! I love finding new uses for old gems! And these canisters are perfect in our new “farmhouse kitchen”.20140316-191158.jpg20140316-192056.jpg20140316-192117.jpg




{Windy session} | Family | by: TwoSuez Photography | West Monroe, La

We almost got blown away today!! But we got some fun shots!!




I n v e s t m e n t
V i e w   y o u r   p r o o f s